Preparing for dance class

October 22, 2015

To get the most out of dance class depends upon the dancers ability to be prpared for class.  Any distractions from tying shoes to messy hair can pull away from the focus of the class.  Dancers lose presious time when they are not fully prepared.  Here are a few tips that instructors expect of all dancers before class.

1.  Dress Properyl:  

Dancers should adhere to the studio dress code.  At the Kelly-Oster School, dancers should wear T-shirt, shorts, poodle socks & dance shoes. It is important that the dancer's legs are clearly visible from the mid-thigh down to the toes. Dancers should be able to look in the mirror and see exactly what the adjudicator sees at a competition.  This is why poodle socks are the ONLY acceptable dance sock in practice.  Dancers need to practice in the same shoes & socks they will compete in. 

Please make sure hair is pulled back neatly so it is not a distraction. 


2. Fully stocked Shoe Bag:
Dancers should have both soft and heavy shoes with them at all times, along with any supplies needed, such as electrical tape, duct tape, band aids, sock glue, blister booties, etc.  Do not expect the studio or other dancers to have these items for you. 

3. Be prepared to start on time.  That means....  
Make sure to use the bathroom facilities before class as bathroom breaks will not be allowed. 
Prepare feet for class by applying any band aids, medical tape, blister booties, etc. before class. 
Taking precautionary steps will save dancers from discomfort during and after class. 
It is not acceptable to disrupt class to apply band aids to blisters.  Feet should be prepared before class. 
Also, dancers should stretch for 5-10 minutes before class so they are ready for warm ups when class starts. 

We have a brand new dance floor! 
ONLY dance shoes, socks & bare feet are allowed on the new floor. 
There is no need for parents or siblings to walk on the dance floor, unless they need to use the bathroom. Please remove your shoes before using the bathroom. 

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