We will be holding Exams for Grades 1 - 10

at our Feis on January 20,  2018

Deadline:  November 11, 2018.

The schedule for Grade Exams on 1/20 has been emailed to all applicants.  You can click the box above to view the schedule.

We do not have a confirmed space in the hotel for Saturday Evening.

Dancers Certificate and Diploma Examinations 2017

In accordance with the office of An Coimisiun in Dublin, Ireland, the Kelly-Oster School of Irish Dance incorporates the Irish Grade System into our dance school curriculum.   Fall 2016 dance classes are set up by grade levels.  This system will give dance classes a clearer dance curriculum and an overall dance goal for the course. 


All dancers can take the grade examination to qualify for the appropriate level class for the fall.  Grade exams must be taken in order starting with Grade 1, Prelim Grade is optional.  Up to 3 grades can be taken at one exam.  Dancers that require qualification above grade 3 for fall classes will be able to take an exam for grades 4, 5 & 6 in September.  Dancers that would like to move ahead in the fall can also take the September exam.  We will prepare students attending the Summer Camps & Classes for the September exam as well.


Every dancer will be individually graded and receive a report card.  Dancers will need to perform the steps listed on the step chart and receive a grade of A through F, just like in school.  The examiner will right comments on Timing, Footwork, Carriage & Execution for each dance. All dancers will receive a participation award.  There is a lot of paper work the examiner needs to fill out, so you will not receive your report card or certificate on the day.  The report card and official certificate will be mailed to the dancer’s house.


The Grade Exams will be held at:  Westchester Marriott, Tarrytown, NY

To participate, click on the link below and register online before November 11th.  

All dancers will need to pass the grade exam to sign up for the next level class. 


Which Grade Exam Are You Ready For?

GRADE 1:  Any dancer that has not taken a grade exam before needs to start with Grade 1.  Dancers will need to perform the reel & light jig steps listed on the chart below.  All dancers should be able to pass grade 1 after their first year of dance class.   **First year dancers can take the Prelim Grade for experience if they are not yet ready to pass Grade 1.

GRADE 2: Open to all dancers  that have taken at least 2 years of dancing.

GRADE 3:  Open to dancers that have taken 3 years of Soft Shoe & 2 years of Hard Shoe.

GRADE 4 and Above:  Open only to dancers that already took Grades 1,2 & 3.


Grade Examinations Scheme:

The purpose of the Grade Examinations is to provide a structured framework within which dancers can progress towards an achievable goal. The syllabus has been designed to provide a strong foundation in Irish Dance by developing a candidate’s physical skills, stamina, expression, musicality and an appreciation and knowledge of the traditional dances and culture. It provides a worthwhile sense of achievement for individuals whether they dance solely for health, recreation or competitive reasons or hope to pursue a career in Irish Dancing.


Grade examinations are unlike competitions in that each candidate is individually examined and receives a detailed written assessment of their performance and knowledge of the grade being attempted. They are open to both male and female candidates regardless of age and ability.


The scheme consists of 12 grades, with each grade becoming increasingly more demanding on the candidate’s skill, knowledge and ability. Each Grade must be passed and certificate awarded before a candidate may attempt the next level. A dancer who successfully completes all Grades will be awarded “The Diploma of the Irish Dancing Commission”.


Sign Up for the 2019 January Grade Exam


Step Chart for Kelly-Oster School dancers

*use the You Tube link at the top of the page for videos of steps.