All the Information you need about feising! 

What is a Feis?

The word Feis is pronounced "fesh", comes from the Gaelic word meaning a "festival".  In today's Irish dancing community, we use the word to refer to an Irish dance competition.  Most schools of Irish dance host their own Feis annually, ours is Feis Na Blian Nua.  There is at least one Feis taking place somewhere in North America on almost all weekends of the year hosted by the different Irish dancing schools. 


How do I know my student is ready for a feis?

Your teacher will let you know when your child is ready for their first dance competition. 


How do I Enter for a Feis?

Most competitions use an Entry Website like  or

You need to create an account and fill in all the information.

Make sure to print out our KKO Parent Feis Guide so you know everything about competition.


What should I expect during the feis day?

A feis is always organized cachos.  Have patients because everything is "Hurry Up & Wait!"  Also, pay attention as some competitions may move stages so the feis can run as efficient as possible.  Expect lots of music, dancing, talking and fun! 


What do all the abbreviations mean?

R - Reel

LJ - Light Jig

SJ - Slip Jig

TJ - Treble Jig

HP - Hornpipe

TS - Traditional Set

TR - Treble Reel

North American Feis

The North American Feis Commision organizes all the CLRG Irish Dance competitions in North America.  

Under the "Schedule" tab is a list off all contact information for dance competitions for the entire year.

Feis Checklist
___ Dress/Boys outfit
___ Shoes
___ Socks and sock glue
___ Wig and Headband
___ Make Up/Mirror
___ Bobby pins
___ Safety pins
___ Duct tape/Electrical Tape
___ Travel Sewing Kit
___ Scissors
___ Pens/Pencils
___ Healthy Snacks
___ Things to do while waiting (coloring books, Nintendo DS, etc)
___ Feis Chair for you and dancer
___ Camera 
___ Bandaid/Ice Pack